8th Gen Civic Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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Custom 8th Gen Civic Steering Wheel


Options Available: 

  • Material (Leather or Alcantara)
  • Stitching Color (Red,Black,White,Green,Yellow,Blue,Purple,etc)
  • Led Display (Yes/No)

Other Options Not Listed:

  • Center Stripe (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, etc)
  • Carbon Fiber Type (Regular Twill, Honeycomb, Forged)


Important Info: 

  • 5-7 Week Build time
  • No refunds on custom products
  • Airbag and buttons get transferred over from your oem wheel 


Led Rpm Wiring info: 

Ground wire to ground or negative connection 

Bluetooth port gets connected to your obd port 

Red positive wire gets connected to a positive source or  this positive headlight wire located near the steering wheel controls, picture of wire is attached on the product pics!