Before You Place an Order

Important Information
  • Major Parts are not stocked and are ordered once confirmed 
  • Build times start 1 week after order 
  • Build times may be impacted by various causes such as the following   (Weather, Material Shipments, Carbon Process, Family Emergencies, Damaged Parts/Materials, Defective Items, etc)
  • Keep wiring/modules/drivers/connectors in dry areas, connections are not waterproof unless stated so
  • All Sales are final. No Refunds on Custom Products.
  • If client is sending their own led headlights, client is in charge of making sure headlights work before sending them to us. 
  • We are not liable if products are Wrongfully installed and cause issues 
  • Wrongfully installed products can potentially blow the leds, if leds are blown on clients wrongfully install, they will need to ship the light back to us and cover the charges/replacement parts
Projector Retrofits:


Jewel Retrofits: 
  • All Jewel Retrofits are a 6-8 week build time
  • All Jewel Retrofits include Brand New Headlight Housings
  • Plug and Play wiring IS included
  • All Jewel Retrofits are cut and fabricated to fit your vehicles housings.
  • Our jewels do not have the factory drl system they come with 
  • We rarely have any condensation issues but if you do, send us a message so we can properly take care of it and proceed. (Condensation has a variety of variables that cause it such as weather, proper air flow, air vents, seals, bulb placement, fender liners, etc…) 
  • All Jewel Retrofits are for show/off road use only. The visual output is fair and good but cannot be compared to the power/adjustment of a projector retrofit. Output may be slightly angled or tilted based on housing shape/size. (Projector Retrofit is your choice if you want perfect vision) 
  • Jewel Ballasts are 50% waterproof but water can still get in where the connector plugs in, ensure the ballasts are kept in dry areas. 2 Ballasts are included with each pair of jewel retrofits. If one is becomes faulty (led motherboard failure) or water damaged (water corrosion) you will need to purchase a replacement. 
  • Jewels/Ballasts are oem and in used condition. We try to get the best ones but sometimes they have little blemishes or cracks on the module but we ensure everything is working properly. 

Steering Wheels:

  • All Custom Steering Wheels are a 5-7 week build time
  • All Custom Steering Wheels include an authentic OEM core 
  • Airbag, Buttons, and Rear Plastics will need to be transferred over
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • For DIY Clients, we have a YouTube video on our page in case you’d like to install it yourself 
  • We are not held responsible for any damages or installation issues the client/shop makes